Learn to Skydive: How to become a skydiver…

Standard Course

On the very first exit, you'll be jumping on your own with Skydive CQ's standard learn to skydive course. Our Solo Skydiving Courses are one of the most cost effective ways to obtaining an "A" License and can be completed in just a few weekends! You will be guided by our experienced instructors all the way from start to finish, with modern equipment included, as well as your own logbook.

Training in small groups, Solo Courses begin with the static line method of skydiving, teaching canopy control and correct aircraft exit technique from lower altitudes, meaning cheaper jumps!

Then, you’ll transition to the higher altitudes to teach the prolonged freefall component of the sport. Instructors will teach you various techniques including back loops and flat spins!

At the completion of this course, you’ll be awarded with an "A" License, allowing you to jump without an instructors assistance and pack your own parachute. Jump tickets from this point are less than $50 + gear hire.

AFF Course

AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall, It’s the most popular form of skydive instruction in Australia, and we’ve been teaching it for years!!! This modern method of instruction is fastest way for a student to learn to skydive. AFF Courses begin with skydives from at least 10,000ft, allowing you to experience the rush of freefall from the very first jump.

Let our experienced instructors teach you how to skydive safely with our recognized AFF course. There are no serious prerequisites, but you do need to weigh less than 100kg’s, and be in good health. All training is one-on-one, and tailored to suit each students needs.

Our aircraft is specially designed in aiding Students to exit and progress through the course effortlessly.

If you’re looking to get into skydiving as a sport, AFF courses are the gateway to competition skydiving, Free flying and Wingsuit Flying, it all starts with AFF at Skydive CQ!



  • Stage 1: $320
  • Stage 2-5: $95 each
  • Stage 6-16: $180 each
  • Stage 17: $240
    Total: $2920


Book a Standard Course

Complete either course for your APF ‘A’ License


  • Stage 1: $495
  • Stage 2-3: $290 each
  • Stage 4-8: $250 each
  • Stage 9: $185
  • Consolidation Jumps x 6: $85
    Total: $3020


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